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Transition Animation
Apply fade-in and sliding effects to sections.
Transition Animation Demo
Responsive Sections
Multiple column sections with support for responsive fluid layout. Columns automatically stack on mobile size screen.
Responsive Section Demo
Image Animation
Image with hover caption. When hovered upon, displays caption with customizable hover layer color, opacity and text style.
Image Animation Demo
Photo Carousel
Slideshow of images with navigation arrows, supports any compatible photo in png, jpeg and gif format.
Photo Carousel Demo
Table Grid
Table grid with customizable number of rows and columns. Ideal for tabulated data.
Table Grid Demo
Collapsible Text Panel
Text box with collapsible title and description.
Collapsible Text Panel Demo
Text Carousel
Slideshow of text messages. Commonly used to display user reviews and customer testimonials.
Text Carousel Demo
Full Width Background Image
Edge to edge section background image, commonly used to focus attention on key elements.
Background Image Demo
Collapsible Image Panel
Image with collapsible caption.
Collapsible Image Panel Demo
Switchable Tabs
Switchable tabs for hiding and showing different sections on the page.
Switchable Tabs Demo
Parallax Scrolling Effect
Background image moves at a different speed than the foreground, adding a beautiful element of depth as user scrolls down the page.
Parallax Scrolling Effect Demo
Dropdown Navigation Menu
Mobile-friendly website navigation menu with customizable number of menu items, links, font style and colors.
Dropdown Navigation Menu Demo
Photo Gallery
Click to enlarge lightbox photo gallery
Photo Gallery Demo
Web Form
Contact form with text field inputs, multiple choice selectors, checkbox selectors, dropdown boxes, date selectors and Google reCAPTCHA. (In-app purchase component)
Web Form Demo