Build beautiful and responsive websites
System requirements:
Mac OS 10.9 and up
Intuitive user interface
Brought to you by the team behind the Orion Mac Suite, Wolf's editor interface is designed with key focuses on simplicity and ease of use. Drag and drop to add objects to your design, click and drag to resize and manage layout.
Zero coding
We think web design should be simple and fun, so anyone can build beautiful websites without needing to learn or understand how to code.
Responsive and mobile friendly
Integrated with the powerful Bootstrap Framework, your website will look amazing on desktop, tablets and mobile devices.
Shared website header and footer
Easily build and maintain a consistent theme for the entire website using Wolf's exclusive Shared Header and Footer feature.
Upload to your own web host
Choose any web host and upload to your own domain name.

Supports FTP, Secure FTP and FTP/SSL.
Professional templates
Beautiful templates allows you to get a jump start on your web design.
Add more interactivity to your website with amazing, full screen width, image and text carousels.
Lightbox Galleries
Gorgeous lightbox galleries. Display your photos in a lightbox when they are clicked. All galleries are equipped with beautiful arrow navigations.
HTML Snippets
You're never limited to the drag and drop interface. Easily add code snippets to achieve custom effects and special plug-ins.
Parallax Scroll Effect
Parallax scrolling effect is now one of the the newest trends in web design , Wolf makes it simple to add this special effect to any background section, providing your users with a unique immersive experience.
Optimized for Search Engines
Optimized for search engine indexing with full support for meta keywords, meta descriptions and custom meta tags. Easily incorporate Google Analytics tracking code to measure website traffic.
Your Designs, Your Source Code
Own all your designs. Easily export HTML, images and all component source files for your design.
Website Showcase
Check out websites built with Wolf:
Featured here are real websites in production mode, all of them are built 100% using Wolf. We also added captions with notes to highlight some of the key design elements used in each website.
Launch Website
Thanks to the awesome Bootstrap framework and the creators of Glyphicons, you can easily integrate Glyphicons into your web design.
Launch Website
Featuring image carousels with navigation arrows and collapsible image panels, all sections respond to user interactivity in this design.
Launch Website
One of the easiest ways to capture visitor's attention is to present content on bright, solid colored section spans, as used on this website.
Launch Website
Featuring mobile friendly navigation menu bar with image carousel, text carousel and lightbox galleries.
Launch Website
Featuring multiple lightbox popup images, where clicking the thumbnail launches full screen modals showing high resolution images.
Launch Website
This website features drop down navigation menu and full screen banner image, presented here in a key Orion section. This image automatically resizes on mobile devices.
For Mac
System requirements: Mac OS 10.9 and up
Proudly made with Wolf
Wolf is developed in Canada by Aidaluu Software.

Special thanks to the incredibly talented folks from Coverr, Pexels, Bootstrap, GlyphIcons and Google Web Fonts.