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Compatible device
Build mobile-friendly web forms in PHP format
Build mobile-friendly single page layouts such as landing pages and standalone pages
Build full websites with unlimited number of pages, support built-in FTP publishing and common theme management
Web fonts
Responsive section layouts
Integration with Bootstrap framework
Visual editor without the need for coding
Support for Google Analytics
Export source files locally
Support for custom HTML and widget integration
Search engine optimizations, support for meta tags and H tags
Support for basic web form components featuring textfields, paragraph fields, multiple choice selector, checkbox selector.
Integration with Google reCAPTCHA
Support for built-in preview of HTML pages
Support for responsive navigation menus and dropdown menus
Support for full width, edge to edge section background images and videos
Support for collapsible image panels and text panels
Support for responsive tables
Built-in publishing to any web host with support for FTP
Common theme management with support for shared header and footer
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