Getting Started with Wolf for iOS
Press and hold on canvas:
- shows menu for adding new responsive sections
- change page background color

Press and hold on section:
- shows menu for adding new objects such as text boxes, photos, galleries, etc
- shows section properties for adjusting section margins, paddings and background colors

Press and hold on object:
- shows object properties with options for adjusting fonts, colors, margins and formatting

Single tap on section:
- selects section, show resize handles for resizing section

Single tap on objects within section:
- selects object, shows resize handles for resizing object

Double tap on canvas:
- de-selects all objects

Double tap on text box and table cells:
- activates text box, allows text editing and entry of new text

Double tap on galleries and image carousel:
- shows photo album browser for adding new images
You can zoom in and out on the editor canvas using touch gestures, this is similar to how you would zoom in and out on maps and photos.

In addition to zooming using touch gestures, you can also change canvas scale to pre-set values by going to Toolbar > Settings > Canvas Zoom
If you work with both the Mac edition and iOS edition of Wolf, you may find it's easier to share design files and exported files between multiple devices using iCloud Drive. If you already use iCloud Drive with other apps, it will most likely be enabled by default. Once enabled, you will see the "Export To iCloud Drive" option under Wolf 2 Toolbar > Settings.

To manually enable iCloud Drive on your iOS device, please see steps below:
1. On your iOS device, go to Settings > sign into iCloud with your Apple ID
2. Tap on your Apple ID > select "iCloud"
3. Turn on "iCloud Drive"
4. Scroll down until your find "Wolf Website Designer 2" in the list of apps and make sure the iCloud switch is turned on next to the app name.
5. Launch Wolf 2, go to Toolbar > Settings, you should see "Export To iCloud Drive" as one of the export options. If you do not see this option immediately after turning on iCloud, please try closing and reopening Wolf 2.
Please note Wolf handles website design only and does not support publishing or file transferring. To publish your website, you will need to use a third party FTP app. If you do not already have a file transfer app, please search for "FTP" on the App Store, there are many good options available, both free and paid.

To export your page, please see steps below:
1. Toolbar > Settings button > Export page and confirm export
2. Once exported, Wolf will return a confirmation with information on exported path
3. On your iOS device, launch the Files app
4. Browse to the exported files and upload the files using your own FTP app.

File transfer instructions differ depending on your FTP app, we recommend contacting the FTP app support and your web host provider for additional details.
It is normal for images not to display on pages when viewed locally within the Files app, this is because the Files app does not allow the HTML page to connect to the image files which are located in a separate folder within the exported folder.

Please upload both the exported HTML page as well as the image folder to your website for testing.