Troubleshoot FTP upload errors

It means we are having trouble accessing the published files from your website. This error is usually caused by a missing or incorrect Remote Path value under FTP settings.
The remote path is the directory that stores all your html files and web content that can be viewed from the internet. This directory is determined by your web host, some web hosts refer to it as the "home folder", "document root" or "web publishing folder". The most common Remote Path value is "public_html" or "www".

If your FTP account log you directly into your web publishing folder, you do not need a remote path, in this case, you should leave this value blank.

Help me find my FTP account "Remote Path"

You will be able to verify the Remote Path using any FTP Client. If your web host allow FTP access through web browsers, try the following quick steps.
1. Launch any web browser and type in "" into the address bar. Replace with your own domain name please.
2. If you see a message asking you if it's okay to open Finder, choose "Allow".
3. You should now see a prompt asking you for the FTP account information.
4. If you're able to log in successfully, you should now see a listing of files and folders in your FTP account. Reviewing the files should help you locate your web publishing folder.

For your reference, we included a few examples below. Please click on each example image for more details.
Example 1
Remote Path: "public_html"
This is a common FTP account structure, you will need to enter "public_html" as your Remote Path under FTP settings.
Example 2
Remote Path: "public_html/"
If you manage multiple domains with the same FTP account, you may need to append the domain name as part of the remote path as shown in this example.
Example 3
Remote Path: ""
Your FTP account may contain a folder named the same as your domain name containing some default html files. In this case, your remote path is your domain name.
Example 4
No Remote Path needed, leave this field blank
If you only see default html files, your FTP account is most likely set up to log directly into the web publishing folder, in this case, no remote path is needed.