HTML Egg Pro vs. Wolf Responsive Website Designer
HTML Egg designs WYSIWYG websites, designs are static and absolute positioned, this means the page looks the same on both desktop and mobile browsers. This software is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac, you will be able to sync and edit designs on multiple devices.

If you are looking to design websites that tailor towards more mobile audiences, we recommend Wolf. Wolf designs "responsive" websites, this means web designs will be automatically converted to mobile style when viewed on a phone browser. This software is only available for Mac at this time.
Detailed feature comparison
HTML Egg Pro
Wolf 2
Compatible device (each edition sold separately)
iPhone, iPad and Mac
Drag and drop editor
Web fonts
No, default code style is static and absolute positioned.
Integration with Bootstrap framework
No coding
Unlimited websites
Professionally designed templates
HTML Snippets
Support for Google Analytics
Auto converts to style optimized for mobile when viewed on mobile browsers
Lightbox photo galleries
Supports image slideshows
Hover colors
Dropdown navigation menu
Supported through HTML Snippets
Free form layout with multiple layer arrangement
Bootstrap grid layout